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Application Integrations

Unlock the possibilities of Zero Trust Data-Centric Security

To automate business processes, organizations store business-critical data across multiple apps, creating the need to secure data across a wide landscape.


Threat to Business Integrity

In the face of escalating cyberattacks, poor data and app security pose a threat to business integrity and continuity.


Disparate Security Solutions

Ensuring consistent security across apps presents the challenge of high implementation and management costs.


Low User Adoption & Time-to-Value

If the solution is too costly and complex to build and maintain, it hinders user adoption, reduces effectiveness and prolongs time-to-market.

Promoting digitization, collaboration and innovation requires an intelligent enterprise to secure its data and resources with next-generation technology. At NextLabs, we help companies accelerate and achieve the 3 key pillars by providing zero trust data-centric security solutions. 

Application Integrations Brochure

Explore the brochure on how to enforce security policies in real-time across a wide range of apps

SAP Solution Brief

Learn how to improve enterprise data security and compliance with dynamic authorizations

Siemens Teamcenter Digital Rights Management

Discover how to extend Teamcenter security to protect files in & outside of Teamcenter and throughout its lifecycle

How do companies secure data across apps quickly without costly customizations and maintenance?

The Solution:

Enforce zero trust policies across as many apps as possible, with a low or zero code approach.

What is an Enforcer?

An enforcer integrates with the app and works with the zero trust policy engine to enforce security policies in real-time across a wide range of apps, prioritizing quick time to value and minimizing maintenance efforts.

What makes an Effective Enforcer?

Externalized Authorization

Modify authorization policies without having to make any code changes to the application itself.

Enforce Least Privilege Access

Uses ABAC to enforce the principle of least privilege, ensuring apps and data are accessed only by authorized entities.

Key Factors of Seamless Integration


Familiar with credentials, authentication methods, and authorization mechanisms

Behavior of App

Aligns with the app's expected functionality and user interactions

Object Model & Transaction Model

Ensures accurate interpretation and enforcement of appropriate security measure

Data Type

To handle sensitive data appropriately and comply with relevant regulations

Attribute Data Model

Enables enforcer to leverage available metadata as attributes for policy evaluation

Custom Integrations with SDKs & APIs

Companies can seamlessly integrate their custom and third-party applications into NextLabs’ policy platform and engine using a software development kit (SDK).

SDKs enables organizations to centrally manage and enforce zero trust policies for their custom applications.

Partners with Integration Expertise

NextLabs Zero Trust Data-Centric Security has been endorsed and received strong go-to-market support by industry leaders


  • Ease of Deployment – Simplifies the deployment process and reduces the time and effort required to get the system up and running.
  • Reduced Costs – OOTB integration drastically reduces the time costs and high expenses associated with customized integration.
  • Faster Time to Value – Enables companies to maintain and optimize existing business workflow.
  • Standardization – Simplify management and governance and ensure more consistent security practices.