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Data Access Enforcer

Protect data and ensure need-to-know access anywhere & everywhere

Ensure privacy & protection of data with real-time segregation & masking control

NextLabs Data Access Enforcer (DAE) allows companies to dynamically enforce policies independent of UI, API, Microservice, Batch job, Report, Transaction, and Fiori app, regardless of how the data are being accessed.

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Ensuring Global Data Access

Protecting Data at the Source


The Vital Importance of Data

Data is the lifeblood of an enterprise. Like water, it needs to be readily available to everyone; at the same time, it must be protected at the source and at the point of use to preserve integrity and prevent breaches.


Data Access & Availability

In order for enterprises to sustain growth and competitiveness while optimizing operations, it is vital to ensure that data is available and accessible. This also allows enterprises to share information quickly and easily across its global workforce, with customers and business partners.


Need to Share vs. Need to Protect

Enterprises face the question of how to collaborate effectively while protecting their critical data. This requires a balance between granting access to enterprise data and safeguarding intellectual property and other sensitive information, in order to maintain data privacy, compliance, and competitiveness.

How can enterprises protect sensitive data and prevent wrongful disclosure without disrupting business continuity?

The Solution:

Apply zero trust principle to enforce "need-to-know" data access.

Enforce Need-to-Know Access & Data Privacy Policies

Applying Zero Trust principles to implement robust data access security across applications, the solution should control access to data through fine-grained attribute-based policies that are dynamically enforced at runtime, regardless of how the data is being accessed.


Seamless integration with applications, identity providers and attribute sources.


Automates data security and compliance procedures to enhance competitiveness and business agility.


Detects, alerts and applies preventive controls to enforce policy universally on any data store.


Runs in cloud natively, deploys using containers in a hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Introducing Data Access Enforcer

Secure Global Data Access

Powered by Zero Trust Policy Platform, CloudAz, NextLabs’ Data Access Enforcer provides dynamic data-level security controls and fine-grained data access governance while being UI, API, service and application independent, supporting any Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) application with a single set of policies.

Record-Level Data Segregation & Filtering

Segregates data based on policies, enabling authorization based on user attributes such as location, department, project assignment and more.

Field-Level Data Masking

Dynamically masks data with modified content according to attribute-based policies, with Format-Preserving Encryption capabilities.

Real-Time Granular Enforcement

Enforcing attribute-based, identity-aware authorization policies with granular controls over DML actions such as create, update, and delete.

Zero Code Integration

No custom coding required, OOTB support of COTS applications.

Flexible Deployment

Cloud-native support for hybrid and multi-cloud deployment.


  • Protect Sensitive Data – By enforcing data obfuscation and segregation policies, DAE ensures that users can only access the data they are authorized to see, providing unparalleled security and confidentiality.
  • Increase Collaboration – Safeguard business-critical data and prevent wrongful disclosure through central access control and data security policies.
  • Improve Business Agility – Automate data protection and ensure need-to-know data access from anywhere through policy while simplifying change management without coding.
  • Streamline Compliance and Reduce Security Management Costs Improve compliance with various industry regulations such as GDPR, ITAR/EAR, and SOX, while reducing security management costs through the elimination of complex custom code.

Integrate Seamlessly

Application Enforcer product line provides support for the following ecosystems:


Oracle DMBS, Oracle ERP

Azure SQL, SQL Server, Windows

Linux, PostgreSQL

BigQuery, Google Cloud SQL


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