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our Mission

Protect data anywhere & everywhere

At NextLabs, we empower intelligent enterprises by providing industry-leading security solutions to protect business-critical data and applications. While traditional methods focus primarily on securing the network perimeter, often critical data and applications are left exposed, vulnerable to both external breaches and internal misuse.


NextLabs’ approach to data security is built on a comprehensive six-point framework. First and foremost, we emphasize the importance of knowing your data and identity, in order to lay the foundation for data security policies, controls and a governance model with audits. We advocate for protecting data throughout its lifecycle, when it is at the source, in transit or at rest, and in use.

Also essential to our strategy is the use of smart auditing and risk analytics, as data-centric security requires clear visibility of access activities and authorization decisions. Last but not least, our approach treats automation and orchestration as critical security components. By seamlessly integrating security solutions and automating threat response, we not only minimize human errors but also ensure a more proactive defense against potential breaches.

Our Products

NextLabs Zero Trust Data Security Suite is a comprehensive suite of access enforcement and data protection applications powered by a zero trust policy platform. The Suite consists of the following products, enabling organizations to protect critical data at the source, in use, on the move and at rest.

NextLabs offers an extensive set of out-of-the-box enforcers for the leading enterprise applications including ERP, PLM, CRM, ECM, DBMS, CAD, Big Data, BI, and many more. It also provides a comprehensive and flexible integration framework for rapid and low code integration with a wide range of applications, identity providers and attribute sources. In addition to the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications and cloud services, companies can seamlessly integrate their custom and third-party applications into NextLabs’ policy platform and policy engine through SDKs and REST APIs. Our application integration framework allows companies to optimize and maintain their existing business workflows, while reducing expenses associated with traditional costly customization solutions.


Businesses require a data security solution that can fulfill 21st century enterprise objectives. This can be achieved through a unified policy platform that combines zero trust, automation, prevention, smart audit and cloud-native operations. The NextLabs Zero Trust Data Security Suite enables enterprises to solve:



Creating a safer future

NextLabs empowers organizations to pursue their business goals while ensuring the utmost protection of their critical information. Enterprises can confidently scale worldwide, streamline systems, and foster collaboration, all while minimizing the threat of data breaches. The result? Amplified business agility, reduced costs, and elevated efficiency

Paving a New Path


Distributed Policy Engine

Zero Trust Policy Platform

Dynamic Authorization

Enterprise Digital Rights Management

We proudly hold over 80 patents along with 30 pending patents in both the United States and Europe that automate least privilege access and safeguard information sharing.



Pioneer of the Dynamic Authorization technology and Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)

NextLabs pioneered the Dynamic Authorization technology and Zero Trust Architecture with 85+ patents and has been an official member of the NIST National Cybersecurity Excellence Partnership program since it’s inception.

Highest performant and most scalable Policy Engine

NextLabs offers the most mature & battle-tested policy engine in the industry, processing greater than 10 billion authorization requests per year.

Most advanced Data-Centric Security

NextLabs offers the most comprehensive data-centric security and policy enforcement solution to protect structured and unstructured data throughout its entire lifecycle: at rest, in transit, and in use; to ensure end to end secure data pipeline regardless of where data resides – whether it is in application, file, file repository, or database on-premises, or in the cloud.

Deep Industry and Subject Matter Expertise

NextLabs has amassed over a decade of hands-on experience helping more than 200 global 2000 companies and federal agencies implementing Zero Trust Architectures and Data-Centric Security solution to address information risk, regulatory compliance, data governance, access management, and secure collaboration challenges.

Built-on next-generation technology

NextLabs’ cloud native and container-based unified policy platform and enforcers enable rapid multi and hybrid cloud deployment with the best time-to-value track record.

Largest customer base of Zero Trust Data Centric Security

NextLabs has the highest number of active, business-critical deployments of Zero Trust Data Centric Security solution across public and commercial sectors. With a 98% customer satisfaction rating and 15+ years in business, we are one of the most trusted data security companies on the market.

Our Customers

NextLabs customers include some of the largest government agencies and companies in the Fortune 1000 with the most stringent and complex data security requirements.

10 nations with 20 agencies

8 of the top 12 A&D companies

4 of top 20 Chemical companies

3 of the top 5 Lifesciences companies

2 of the top 5 Insurance companies

customer story

Announcing Solvay's Go-Live

We are pleased to announce the successful go-live of the Zero Trust Data Security suite with Solvay, one of the largest multinational chemical manufacturers in the world. NextLabs’ solution safeguards sensitive data including EH&S and exportcontrolled technical data, maintains regulatory compliance, and strengthens cybersecurity.