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About NextLabs' Cybersecurity Expert Series

The Cybersecurity Expert Series explores important cybersecurity topics to provide educational and thought-provoking conversations. Through this series, industry experts will share insight, common practices, and advice on relevant topics in the industry.

Did you know?


of organizations have experienced a cyber attack in the last 24 months

$495,000 USD

average ransom payment made following a ransomware attack, files protected


of organizations say advancing Zero Trust is a top 3 security priority


of security professionals don’t think they’ll be breached in the first place

Featured from the Expert Series

Cybersecurity's Role in Secure Digital Transformation

In the latest episode of the NextLabs Cybersecurity Expert Series, Christophe Foulon joins us to discuss The Role of Cybersecurity in Ensuring a Secure Digital Transformation. Christophe is the founder and coach at CPF Coaching with more than 15 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. He is focused on helping businesses tackle their cybersecurity risks while minimizing friction, resulting in increased resiliency, and helping to secure people and processes with a solid understanding of the technology involved.

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Ready for SASE 2.0?
Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a concept introduced by Gartner in 2019 which combines network and security capabilities as a service, based on the identity of device or entity, and real-time context.
Article - Implement Data Segregation with Zero Trust
Implement Data Segregation with Zero Trust
Logical data segregation empowers organizations to efficiently manage data, enhance data governance, and build trust with stakeholders.
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Why Should You Care About Logical Data Segregation?
Logical data segregation is the practice of logically separating data based on specific criteria like sensitivity, access requirements, and more.

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