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Application Enforcer

Simplify Access & Protect Data Across Apps & Services

Eliminate authorization siloes and extend application security

Externalize attribute-based access control (ABAC) with out-of-the-box application enforcers

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Safeguarding data Across

An Evolving Application Landscape


Securing Critical Data Across Apps

Businesses run on critical data across numerous applications. Ensuring reliable data security in these apps is essential for smooth operations and growth.


Expanding Attack Surface

Driven by the growing business need to share data and automate workflow, the rise in the variety and number of apps and data has increased the risk of breaches.


Embracing a Preventive Approach

With the increasing amount of apps and data, the traditional method of manual detection and response to attacks prove to be ineffective and costly. This calls for a shift to an automated, preventive approach.

How can companies automate data security and implement preventive controls across an evolving app landscape & rising volumes of data?

The Solution:

Companies need to externalize security controls and enforce zero trust access policies.

Enforce ABAC & Externalize Authorization

In order to externalize security controls and access control, the solution should incorporate an out-of-the-box policy enforcer that seamlessly integrates with enterprise and cloud applications. The enforcer operates with a robust policy engine to enforce zero trust policies for the application, based on real-time attributes and metadata.


Automates data security, compliance procedures, and internal controls to enhance competitiveness and agility.


Out-of-the-box integration with apps, microservices, and business processes without disruptions.


Detects, alerts and applies preventive controls to enforce policy in real time.


Runs in cloud natively, deploys using containers in a hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Application Enforcer

Secure Apps & Protect Data

NextLabs’ Application Enforcer augments an application’s underlying security model, providing an extra layer of controls for organizations with extensive security and compliance requirements, without the need for custom coding.

Externalized Authorization

Modify authorization policies without having to make any code changes to the application itself.

Enforce Least Privilege Access

Uses ABAC to enforce the principle of least privilege, ensuring apps and data are accessed only by authorized entities.

Leverage Data Classification

Automatically identifies sensitive data types based on the app's underlying data model, organizes data into relevant categories.

Collects Access Activity Across Apps

Discerns and collects relevant data to facilitate centralized correlation & detection of anomalous activity.

Native Application Integration

Understands identity system, object & security model of apps, for easy deployment & seamless user experience


  • Protect sensitive data – Control access to sensitive data based on attributes such as data classification, environmental information, user roles, metadata and location.
  • Improve business agility – Works natively with application and externalizes authorization, slashing application development time and automating change management processes.
  • Improve time-to-market and reduce costs – Eliminates the need to implement and maintain costly customizations to meet security, compliance, and governance requirements. 
  • Streamline Compliance – Automates the process of auditing authorization and data access to demonstrate compliance to auditors, regulators, and customers.

Integrate Seamlessly

Application Enforcer product line provides support for the following ecosystems:

Cloud Apps

Database & Big Data


Bespoke Software

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