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Our Key Values

These values are the cornerstone of our successful company culture, providing a foundation of respect both for others and for ourselves. We look for these values in the people we hire and do our best to foster them in our day-to-day work environment.


Think creatively to make improvements & develop new ideas.


Work together to achieve results that meet company goals.


Act decisively to honor responsibilities and commitments.


Commit to meeting the needs of both internal and external customers.


Care about each person and value their differences.


Always puts the best effort regardless of the task.


Commit to meeting the needs of both internal and external customers.

Passion & Innovation

The Difference

We’re a young, innovative Silicon Valley software company. Our data centric security software has been changing the way companies manage information risk since 2005. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to our customers and our ability to maintain our sense of integrity and humor. If you are someone who has a passion for visionary products and services, and who loves to get people excited about new and better ways to solve old problems, NextLabs is definitely a place to grow your career.

Our customers are large Global 1000 companies across different industries. At NextLabs, you will have the opportunity to work with a worldwide team to help these global companies solve real world problems. We encourage our employees to think outside the box and combine technology with deep industry expertise in innovative new ways to help make a difference.

A Great Place to Work

I’m constantly learning new things and solving challenging problems every day at Nextlabs. Coupled with the opportunity to work with an multi-cultural, international team, Nextlabs makes a wonderful place to grow personally and professionally.

Working with NextLabs is a wonderful experience. It helped me to reach great heights and giving a lot learning opportunities and strengthening my inherent skills.

Working at Nextlabs grants me the autonomy to grow and learn independently. I get to make meaningful changes to the work I am entrusted with, and there is a sense of ownership on the projects I handle.

I like working here due to the innovation of our products in the area of data security, the importance of employees well-being as well as intelligent and helpful colleagues.

Working on new and exciting projects with a great team makes each day interesting at NextLabs. I enjoy working for a company that is continuously expanding, while allowing me to learn on a regular basis and strengthen new skills.

Great learning every week about something new at NextLabs, great technology and great being leading the market, 2 years ahead of others. On the sales side, you need to be perseverant and patient, precise and methodic, you will reach regularly your quota, and sometimes over 5 times your quotas like I experienced

I like working here because can try new things. With opportunity to try and make difference for the teams.

Before it became a thing, cross-site on-line meetings were already regular entries in our work schedule when I first joined the company sixteen years ago.  Speaking of trend-setting...

Great place to work, very good for learning new things in a shorter time and very open to exploring new technologies, products. Best place to take your SAP skills to next level by leveraging them in building innovative products. Good work life balance and opportunity to interact with leading customers in different industries is unique and  an added advantage for sure.

I like the innovation in our products and team’s passion to deliver more and more features to our customer in every release. I enjoy the work culture where everyone is ready to help to make our customers successful. It’s also a great feeling working directly with customers and seeing our products help solve critical customer’s business problems.

Challenging projects, reasonable work-life balance, and whip smart co-workers is a tough combo to beat.

I like working here because we have a strong, intelligent and warm intimate group of people. I enjoy working for a company that continues to grow and expand into new and exciting markets.

We work closely as a team and it feels like family, it’s exciting to know that I’m tackling something new each day.

I've been working with NextLabs for 7 years- this is the longest company that I worked with and I enjoy working closely as a team. I learned a lot and still continue to explore new things each day! NextLabs is like a family workplace with lovely colleagues!

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