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NextLabs Releases New Solution for Network and Cloud File Shares

May 19, 2020

NextLabs Releases New Solution for Network and Cloud File Shares

Adds entitlement management capabilities for SMB/CIFS-compatible file stores

San Mateo, Calif. – May 19, 2020 – NextLabs today announced the release of a new entitlement management solution for SMB/CIFS-compatible network and cloud file shares.

NextLabs Entitlement Manager for File Shares supports CIFS and SMB network file sharing protocols and any SMB/CIFS-compatible file stores in providing fine-grained, unified access control and audit capabilities across file stores and other applications. The solution can be easily deployed with no changes to network infrastructure and zero-perceptible latency to end-users.

Key features include:

  • Policy-driven authorization platform with centralized management
  • Unified access control across all file stores and Azure files
  • Granular access control for file stores based on a variety of variables, including user, location, network connection, requesting host, and data classification or content
  • Prevention of unauthorized file store access by mobile users on unmanaged hosts from unknown locations or devices
  • Centralized access control administration and access auditing across all file stores
  • Support for any SMB/CIFS-compatible file store

“Ensuring mandatory access control across file stores is extremely difficult as today’s enterprise – servers are distributed, located in the cloud or on the network, and often managed by different administrators,” said Keng Lim, CEO and Founder of NextLabs. “IT has to be able to update controls in response to constantly shifting requirements, as well as log and audit for compliance purposes. At the end of the day, in the context of preventing data breaches and improving compliance, our new solution for file shares makes administrators’ jobs that much easier.”