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Pioneer of

Dynamic Authorization technology & Zero Trust Architecture

With 85+ patents in dynamic authorization technology, zero trust policy engine, real-time policy enforcement, and next-generation digital rights management and co-author of NIST ABAC Reference Architecture (SP 800-162) and Practice Guide (SP 1800-3)

Largest Customer Base

of Zero Trust

Data-Centric Security

NextLabs has the highest number of active, business-critical deployments of Zero Trust Data Centric Security solution across public and commercial sectors. With 98% Customer Satisfaction rating and 15+ years in business, we are one of the most trusted data security companies on the market.

Our Customers are Market Leaders

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The most advanced Data-Centric Security

NextLabs offers the most comprehensive data-centric security and policy enforcement solution built on the Zero Trust Architecture natively, to protect structured and unstructured data throughout its entire lifecycle: at rest, in transit, and in use; to ensure end to end secure data pipeline regardless of where data resides – whether it is in application, file, file repository, or database on-premises or in the cloud.

Deep Industry and Subject Matter Expertise – NextLabs has amassed over a decade of hands-on experience helping more than 200 global 2000 companies and federal agencies implementing Zero Trust Architectures and Data-Centric Security solution to address information risk, regulatory compliance, data governance, access management, and secure collaboration challenges.

Best Performance

Most Scalable Solution

Highest User Adoption

Fastest Time-to-Value

Making a Difference

NextLabs is the fastest and most intuitive policy engine used by governments and Global 2000 companies in mission-critical projects all over the world

  • 10 Billion +

    Authorization requests processed per year

  • 100 Million +

    Data elements (field, record, files) protected

  • 5 Million +

    Users secured with NextLabs solutions

  • 100 +

    Global 2000 companies rely on NextLabs' Data Security software to protect critical data

Built-on next generation technology with the most comprehensive integration – NextLabs’ cloud native and container-based unified policy platform with OOTB enforcers and zero-code integration enable rapid multi and hybrid cloud deployment with the best time-to-value track record.

Lead with Purpose

Strong market validation from industry leaders and standard bodies

Deep Technology

total Patents
in EPO

Patents in dynamic authorization, policy-driven enforcement based on ZT security model, ZT based access control – least privilege access and need to know access

Industry Contributions

NextLabs is a proud technology contributor and participant of NIST’s National Cybersecurity Excellence Partnership (NCEP) Program.

NIST SP 800-162

NextLabs was selected by NIST to help define the core capabilities and benefits of ABAC.

NIST SP 1800-3

As co-author for this NCCoE practice guide, NextLabs demonstrates a standards-based approach to ABAC.

Together we achieve

NextLabs partners with industry leaders with strong go-to-market support

Together we achieve

NextLabs Zero Trust Data-Centric Security has been endorsed and received strong go-to-market support by industry leaders

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