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What is DataSecOps?

DataSecOps: Explained

DataSecOps is a dynamic, comprehensive, security-integrated method for managing the constantly changing data and its users of today’s world. Its goal is to quickly provide data-to-value while maintaining data privacy, security, and data governance.  

It is an evolution of data security that bridges the transition from “Default to know” to a “Need-to-know” approach by requiring organizations to treat security as part of their daily data operations, instead of something added as an afterthought.  

From “Default-to-know” to “Need-to-know”

Many businesses operate in a data access mode known as “default to know,” particularly when they are in hyper-growth mode. The result is that there can be an uncontrolled and overly permissive approach to data access which can lead to hidden costs in terms of security and compliance. Growing and expanding companies will require more secure sharing of critical assets, resulting in a shift from “default to know” to a “need to know” approach. 

The need-to-know concept combines modern economics and data security by allowing users access to only information they require for their tasks and responsibilities. With this enforcement, safe sharing is enabled and suppliers can work efficiently in today’s globalized world while ensuring data security and compliance.  Previously, monitoring and granting need-to-know access via manual tools and procedures have significantly slowed innovation and growth as access granting might take up to days to complete the actions. However, in today’s dynamic digital environment, it is important for this to be completed in real-time to ensure authorized users can easily access data, while remaining secure and keeping the business agile.  

Streamlining “Need to Know” With DataSecOps

Now, it is possible to transition from “default to know” to “need to know” without stifling innovation by using DataSecOps. With a single, integrated platform, it is easy to automate and simplify data access while ensuing compliance. 

Through centralized data governance and automation of security at every stage of the data lifecycle, DataSecOps platforms further streamline “need to know” data access for real-time and secure access without compromising security  while improving compliance standing & business agility.  With improved business agility and more accurate decisions, businesses will be able to respond quickly to changes in market conditions and requirements, which is vital to surviving and winning in highly competitive markets.  

Learn more about how having a DataSecOps platform will be crucial towards achieving Zero Trust Architecture & the importance of Zero Trust Architecture in today’s world.  

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