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NextLabs releases Data Access Enforcer for SAP 2021

July 14, 2021

NextLabs Releases Data Access Enforcer for SAP 2021

A groundbreaking approach to address data privacy and data segregation in SAP

San Mateo, Calif. –July 14, 2021– NextLabs today announced the release of Data Access Enforcer (DAE) for SAP 2021, an enhancement to its industry leading DAE for SAP product that allows enterprises to leverage attribute-based policy and centralized policy management to improve compliance posture and security for SAP. 

With an ever-increasing need for online collaboration, it is crucial for organizations to be able to send and receive valuable business critical data to correct stakeholders in a simple and efficient manner. The new capabilities and enhancements added in this 2021 release further extend DAE for SAP’s commitment to be the best user experience, fastest to deploy data protection and privacy solution to help address critical cybersecurity requirements, while improving business agility and reducing security and compliance management costs. 

Key functionality in the DAE for SAP 2021 release include the following: 

  • Data Filtering / Data Segregation: Enhanced dynamic data filtering and segregation capability with policy-driven predicate condition to dynamically segregate data at the record level. 
  • User Messaging: Customizable user messaging available for both SAP ECC and S/4HANA® to provide feedback to users about the policy and actions applied; messages can be defined to display t-code or Fiori app name, fields being masked, mask pattern and mask condition, for example. 
  • Enforcement on Data Manipulation Language (DML): Support policies to control DML actions, such as create, update, and delete, while also offering fine grained access control on the row level. 
  • Simplified Configuration: Maintain and Manage DAE configuration using SPRO nodes. 
  • Geolocation Support: Geolocation data such as user IP address and geolocation can be used to enforce policies. 
  • Improved Error Handling: Improved error handling to allow for the option to write DAE logs to an external source (outside the SAP file system).  
  • Extensible support for SAP applications: DAE for SAP works natively with SAP ECC, S/4HANA®, APO, EWM, HCM, CRM, PLM, BW, and BW/4HANA® without requiring any T- or Z- Code modification. DAE for SAP also offers extensible support for custom applications.  

DAE for SAP uses centrally managed policies with attribute-based criteria to protect data and prevent unauthorized access dynamically. Data access requests, whether allowed or blocked, across all SAP applications are tracked and logged centrally, simplifying compliance management and auditing. Analysis of user behavior and access patterns are provided through centralized dashboards and reports. The product is available as either a SaaS or on-premises deployment can be implemented in a matter of weeks, providing the fastest time to value with the tightest security coverage. 

Advantages of NextLabs’ DAE for SAP include:  

  • “Out of the box” native integration certified by SAP, supporting both SAP ECC and S/4HANA ® with a single solution—allowing seamless implementation with no migration needed.   
  • Powered by NextLabs’ industry leading Dynamic Authorization and Attribute-Based Policy Enforcement Framework (ABAC) technology to enforce policies at the data access layer, allowing policies to be implemented with zero code and zero role impact.  
  • It is UI, API, microservice, batch job, ad-hoc query, report, Transaction, and Fiori app independent — the only solution with seamless support for debug and table content access. 

“Companies look for cost-efficient solutions that can be deployed rapidly to prevent unauthorized disclosure and data loss. NextLabs’ DAE for SAP addresses these challenges, while consistently proving to be the easiest to use solution,” said Nitin Aggarwal, Associate Partner at Infosys. 

“DAE for SAP works with both SAP ECC and S/4HANA®, allowing for a single implementation with no migration needed,” stated Keng Lim, CEO and Founder of NextLabs. “DAE for SAP, once implemented, can also be easily extended to address data privacy and data segregation challenges in other SAP applications such as BW/4HANA, APO, and EWM to name a few.”