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Siemens Solutions

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Siemens products, particularly their Teamcenter suite, play a pivotal role in today’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes, by offering solutions for end-to-end product development, management, and optimization.  

NextLabs collaborates with Siemens to safeguard sensitive PLM data throughout its lifecycle, with a Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution provides out-of-the-box integration with Teamcenter, CAD tools, and JT2Go to enhance secure information sharing within and outside of Teamcenter. 

Secure Collaboration for PLM

Discover a secure platform-based solution for collaboration in new PLM technologies

Siemens Teamcenter Digital Rights Management

Learn how to extend Teamcenter security to protect files in & outside of Teamcenter and throughout its lifecycle

Intellectual Property Protection

Explore a unified policy set for secure, compliant collaboration within and outside the enterprise, preventing intellectual property misuse and improper disclosure

Securing Data Across the Product Lifecycle

NextLabs’ deep integration with the Siemens ecosystem ensures controlled access and usage for real-time global sharing of critical intellectual property. The solution natively supports Siemens formats such as PRT, NX, and JT, along with other types. Before sharing, files are encrypted, with security labels from Teamcenter defining user access rights. Permitted users can interact with protected files using applications like Siemens NX or Solid Edge, enjoying seamless collaboration within these native platforms.

NextLabs’ solutions for Siemens applications feature: 

Automated Rights Protection

Real-time Enforcement

Centralized Policy Management

File Type Agnostic

Native Application Support

Centralized Visibility & Control

NextLabs Solutions for Siemens

SkyDRM for Teamcenter

Offers enhanced protection with advanced rights protection capabilities to ensure highly confidential product information is always secure.

SkyDRM for NX

Enables users to work with DRM-protected files directly within NX for secure collaboration both internally and externally.

SkyDRM for SolidWorks

Allows users to work with DRM protected files natively in SolidWorks. It provides persistent data protection for secure collaboration with internal users and external partners.

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