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When it comes to business technology, Microsoft stands as an essential cornerstone, providing the foundation upon which countless enterprises run on. From operating systems to collaboration tools, Microsoft’s offerings are woven into the core of modern business processes. Yet, as these technologies become more integral, the imperative to secure them grows exponentially. At NextLabs, we provide zero trust data security solutions tailored specifically for Microsoft products, ensuring that your data remains shielded from potential threats.   

Managing Information Risk for Microsoft SharePoint

Discover how to strike the right balance between collaboration and governance

Data Access Enforcer for Microsoft and Azure

Explore enhancing security and compliance for Microsoft SQL and Azure SQL through attribute-based policy and centralized management

Entitlement Manager for Teams

Learn to enforce granular access controls in Microsoft Teams, allowing only authorized individuals in meetings and restricting file downloads to specific persons

Centralized Security for the Microsoft Ecosystem

NextLabs offers data-centric solutions designed to safeguard intellectual property, support secure collaborations, and facilitate audit and compliance tasks. These solutions integrate with platforms like Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Outlook, Exchange, Windows Desktop, and Virtual Desktop, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected. 

Using centrally managed policies, NextLabs’ solutions provide organizations with a clear overview of their data access patterns across Microsoft’s systems and applications. This allows companies to understand their data access patterns and make informed, intelligent security decisions. 

Our approach to centralized policy management aims to maintain consistent data protection measures across Microsoft’s tools, regardless of where the data resides.  By doing so, we offer seamless protection without putting extra burden on end-users 

NextLabs’ solutions for Microsoft applications feature: 

Attribute-Based Access Control

Externalized Authorization

Centralized Policy Management

Deep Application Integration

Automated Data Classification

Centralized Visibility & Control

NextLabs Solutions for Microsoft

Application Enforcer for Dynamics 365

Seamlessly integrates into the CRM environment to safeguard your most sensitive information. Automated, fine-grained access controls enhance Microsoft’s native security features, ensuring that only authorized users have access to sensitive customer, sales, marketing, and service information.

Application Enforcer for SharePoint

Provides automated data classification and enhanced access controls for the SharePoint environment, including all sites and servers. It provides centrally managed, policy-based access control to enhance the native security model by enabling attribute-based authorization to SharePoint data. 

Application Enforcer for Exchange

Enforces policies in the Exchange Server across platforms and email applications, including Outlook, mobile devices, & Outlook Web App. 

Application Enforcer for Outlook

Monitors and controls email communications and document distribution at the endpoint. 

Application Enforcer for SMB File Shares

Provides fine-grained, unified access control and audit capabilities across file stores.

SkyDRM for Office 365

Enhances the security of Office 365 environments, providing rights protections for documents  within the Office 365 suite. 

Application Enforcer for Windows Desktop Enforcer (WDE)

Allows organizations to prevent wrongful disclosure by using Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) to define and enforce Need-to-Know access policiesABAC policies are used to control access to files anywhere they are accessed from the desktop. WDE enforces least privileged access even when the protected device is offline or disconnected from the grid. 

SkyDRM for SharePoint

Tackles the security issues inherent in SharePoint deployments, safeguarding intellectual property while tracking transaction and access activities. This ensures enhanced protection for sensitive documents during their upload or download from SharePoint. 

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