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NextLabs announces successful Go-Live with Solvay to strengthen access management and data security

September 11, 2023

NextLabs announces successful Go-Live with Solvay to strengthen access management and data security

NextLabs’ Zero Trust Data Security suite is chosen to enhance compliance and protect export controlled and EH&S data in global SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC instance

San Mateo, Calif. – September 11, 2023- NextLabs today announced the successful go-live of its Zero Trust Data Security suite with Solvay, one of the largest multinational chemical manufacturers in the world. NextLabs’ solution safeguards sensitive data including EH&S and export-controlled technical data, maintains regulatory compliance, and strengthens cybersecurity. This is achieved through a comprehensive data-centric security solution based on zero trust principles that automates data compliance and prevents data breaches.

The solution utilizing NextLabs Dynamic Authorization Manager (DAM) and Data Access Enforcer (DAE) for SAP, enables attribute-based access control and dynamic data-level security controls such as field-level data masking and record level data segregation, to strengthen data governance across the entire SAP application landscape.

“NextLabs did a great job working with us to implement the Zero Trust Data Security suite for SAP,” stated Jean Vernade, Platform Architect at Solvay Digital Technology. “NextLabs’ team was very responsive and knowledgeable – addressing our needs and accommodating new requirements implementing DAM and DAE for SAP to control access and segregate data logically for compliance with export control and EH&S regulations.”

The increase in global collaboration and cyber-attacks are challenging companies to share information more securely while maintaining agility and controlling costs. A flexible and sustainable data-centric security solution that prioritizes preventive controls, automates compliance and data security controls, and ensures ease of management to evolve with changing requirements is required for enterprises to thrive. With the implementation of the solution, Solvay is now able to:

  • Automate and simplify security to comply with EH&S and export control regulations
  • Apply dynamic policies to enforce need-to-know policy and protect critical data
  • Segregate and mask sensitive data in real-time across applications
  • Streamline audit and compliance reporting through centralized logging of all data access and usage activity
  • Consolidate key business applications and adopt cloud computing to reduce costs without compromising security coverage

DAM and DAE are the core modules of the NextLabs Zero Trust Data Security suite to protect business-critical data and controls access to applications with real-time enforcement based on zero trust principles. DAE automatically protects data at rest using encryption and secures data access by segregating and obfuscating sensitive information, whereas DAM enforces least privilege access to safeguard critical data across applications. Powered by its patented dynamic authorization policy engine and zero trust policy platform, the solution implemented ensures access to EH&S, export-controlled technical data, and other sensitive information is secured at the data-level. Policy-driven data security controls, such as dynamic data masking and logical data segregation is used to safeguard critical data, while data access activity is monitored directly within SAP S/4 HANA and SAP ECC, independent of application, UI, and API. DAM and DAE automate role provisioning, increase security, and simplify data access management across SAP applications. The solution addresses the following key business requirements:

  • Unified policy-driven platform to provide dynamic data-level security control and fine-grained access control
  • Enhance regulatory compliance and strengthen data access governance with a common language that applies to all applications
  • Automate data protection and simplified access management across applications to prevent unauthorized access and data leakage
  • Simplify change and escalation management, without impeding the ability to adopt new business requirements quickly
  • Cloud native solution that is easy to manage without custom code

“NextLabs is proud to celebrate Solvay’s successful implementation of the dynamic data protection solution to streamline compliance and strengthen cybersecurity,” said Keng Lim, Founder and CEO of NextLabs. “NextLabs and Solvay teams work together hand in hand to overcome some very complex requirements to deliver a best-in-class policy-based access management solution in a hybrid cloud environment.”