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Protect data and ensure need-to-know access anywhere & everywhere

Data Centric Security and Attribute-based Access Control in the Cloud

NextLabs CloudAz is the foundation for secure access to applications and ensure proper entitlement to data.

CloudAz Brochure

Explore the brochure on how to achieve a unified approach for access management and data security

BAE Customer Story

Learn how BAE complies with electronic export regulations and protect IP while enabling and accelerating global collaboration

CloudAz DataSheet

Discover why enterprises need a Zero Trust strategy for secure global data access and a virtual workforce without compromising integrity

Helping Enterprises Achieve


Modernize IT

Move faster, automate, improve efficiency, and be more agile


Surpass customer expectation

Prevent wrongful disclosure of customer data and provide secure access to critical business applications


Extend competitive advantage

Protect trade secret and intellectual property


Prevent data breaches

Close the security gap of perimeter security while allowing user to collaborate effectively

Dynamic Authorization In the Cloud

Industry’s first Cloud Authorization Service providing Dynamic Authorization and Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC) in the cloud.

CloudAz manages authorization policies by granting and denying access based on existing attributes, taking into user information (e.g. identity, function, and organization structure), the attributes of the resource, environment attributes and the action requested, all in real time. With Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC), administrators no longer need to maintain the role or the permission assignments as users move between departments, projects, or locations. It can re-enforce policies in real time when user security clearance changes; when data is modified, when documents and assets are reclassified, or any changes in attributes.

Why NextLabs CloudAz?

Simplify the way you manage authorization for your homegrown and commercial applications, on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Integrate any application: Integrate and protect your web applications, mobile apps, micro-services, and even legacy applications. NextLabs CloudAz can be integrated with apps written in any programming language in minutes or hours using our standards based REST APIs and SDK.
  • Enhance access with dynamic access controls: Allow or deny access dynamically based on the user and resources attributes. ABAC provides dynamic and fine-grained controls to extend Role Based Access Control (RBAC). Rules can be based on group membership, department, device type, IP address, security classification, etc.
  • Safeguard data with data-centric security controls: Administer access to applications and protect data in cloud. Define what parts of an application users can access, what business transactions they can submit, and what they can see or do with the data.
  • Manage policies in central repository: Handle authorization policies across applications and services. Make changes in real-time or ahead of time without code changes or application downtime. React to changes in business or regulatory requirements in minutes instead of days.
  • Report and gain insight to risky activity: Tracks and stores user activity and data access across your applications and services in a central audit repository. Analyze user behavior through reports and automated monitoring facilities.
  • Accelerate time to market: Speed up application development, reduce time to market, improve business agility, and cut resources as CloudAz takes care of your application’s security and access.


REST API and SDK Integrate apps written in any programming language with our standard based REST APIs and SDK.

Easy integration with REST API

CloudAz comes with REST APIs for quick intergration with your applications. It enables a PEP (Policy Enforcement Point) to send policy evaluation requests in XACML to the Cloud PDP (Policy Decision Point), and to receive policy decisions log policy evaluation data.

Simplify integration process with SDK

CloudAz provides various SDKs based on OpenAz as client libraries such as Java, Javascript, C++, and .Net for easy integrations. With pre-built functionalities, integrating applications with CloudAz simplifies development work and reduces intergration complexity.


An authorization service that dynamically controls access to applications and data in the cloud using centrally managed policies.

Multilevel protection and access control

CloudAz controls access at the application, transaction, data record and cell level. It helps to prevent data breaches, misuse and fraud while allowing easy compliance with complex regulatory requirements.

Simple Policy Authoring

A user-friendly web-based UI provides a powerful and easy way to create and define your security policies in natural language without assistance from IT support.

Software as a Service

CloudAz is available to you 24x7 over the internet. Get a free trial or subscribe to one of our licensing options to develop and test your policies.

Deploy in your virtual private cloud

Deploy CloudAz in your PaaS and IaaS of choice with a variety of preconfigured templates. Spin up new instances across datacenters for development, test, and production environments.

Hybrid cloud

Manage policies and protect applications in your enterprise on private or public cloud. With just a couple of clicks, you can interchangeably move your policies between your public cloud and on-premise deployments.

Internet Scale

Runs across multiple data centers in the cloud for performance, scalability, and high availability. CloudAz scales to meet the most complex requirements in critical internet scale applications.